West Valley Open Doors’ grant helps Unity Care purchase transitional house for foster kids


Unity Care has received a grant of $800,000 from West Valley Open Doors, which the nonprofit agency will use to purchase a home in the West Valley area for transition-age foster youth.

Future residents will be youths, ages 18 to 21 years old, in need of affordable housing and supportive services as they transition out of foster care service. On-site staff from Unity Care will be there to help guide residents in developing and reaching personal goals, including stable employment.

The nonprofit West Valley Doors was founded after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. with the mission of carrying on his “dream,” through housing in communities with a relative lack of resident ethnic diversity.

“Santa Clara County as a whole has richly diverse populations and the West Valley has many job opportunities to attract them, but workers are often unable to find affordable housing near these jobs,” said Mary-Lyle Rempel, board president of West Valley Doors.

“Unity Care’s housing needs are a perfect fit for West Valley Doors’ founding objectives.

“Together we are providing an opportunity for the kind of intercultural experience and personal growth that Dr. King envisaged for our community.”

For more information on Unity Care, visit unitycare.org or call 408.510.3480.

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