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Our belief is that when youth and families experience emotional support, growth, security, and confidence, it enables them to realize their full potential. Unity Care’s services promote well-being – emotional, physical, and spiritual stability that fosters positive habits, self-determination, and motivation to achieve their dreams.

New Programs

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Housing Assistance Program

Scattered Sites at Unity Care

Nia Project (Differential Response)

The Nia Project aims to support and strengthen families in crisis by utilizing culturally sensitive staff. In partnership with the Department of Family and Children’s Services, we advocate for the family, provide access to parenting education and counseling, and deliver or connect families to much needed resources.

Odyssey (Wraparound Services)

Odyssey is Unity Care’s Wraparound program. The goal of the program is to help emotionally and behaviorally challenged children reunite or remain with their family and communities. The Wraparound Family Team guides families in the process to develop an effective support network, increase their sense of competence, and acquire new skills for managing the special needs of their child. Odyssey accepts referrals from the Department of Mental Health, Juvenile Probation, and Social Services.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic provides a wide range of mental health services to youth and families in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and school-based systems. We support the mental health needs of our youth and families to improve their social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities, enabling our youth to live within the community in less restrictive environments.

Transition to Independence Process (TIP)

TIP works with youth (ages 14-24) who are experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges to assist them in planning for their futures. The all-inclusive TIP model facilitates natural supports and informal key players (family, friends, mentors, teachers, etc.) as important participants in the youth’s transformation to independence and successful achievement of their goals. (© 2015 Copyright Stars Behavioral Health Group. All Rights Reserved.)

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

TBS provides youth and their parents/caregivers with an effective short-term intervention for common behavioral problems including aggression, avoidance, non-compliance, social anxiety, and suicidal, physical or verbal threats. The TBS team partners with our treatment homes, parents/caregivers, therapists, Wraparound providers, social workers, CASA, and probation officers to ensure that treatment plans are focused and understood by all parties.

Parents Recovery Program

Our Recovery Program provides outpatient individual therapy, group support, peer mentorship, and case management to parents involved in the Dependency Wellness Court. This program supports parents who are on the road to recovery, while in the final phase of reunifying with their children.

Current Programs

THP Program

THP Plus Program



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