Unity Care Gets National Accreditation

Rose Garden shorts: Unity Care gets national accreditation

Silicon Valley Community Newspapers: Unity Care gets national accreditation

Posted:   03/04/2015 06:04:16 PM PST0 Comments | Updated:   3 months ago

Unity Care gets national accreditation

Unity Care, a San Jose-based agency providing services and support for Bay Area at-risk and foster youth, has been accredited by the national Council on Accreditation.

According to COA President and CEO Richard Klarberg, Unity Care “has been recognized as a provider that has successfully implemented high performance standards and, as such, is delivering the highest-quality services to all of its stakeholders.”

The 18-month accreditation process included three on-site visits to Unity Care by COA reviewers who interviewed staff and reviewed the agency’s compliance to policies, procedures and service standards.

“This is a major accomplishment for Unity Care,” said Unity Care founder and CEO André V. Chapman. “COA accreditation promises the families and youth who come to us that we will deliver quality services in a safe and respectful environment. It ensures them that our staff is trained to meet their needs while protecting their privacy, and it guarantees that they will be involved in the decision-making process to result in positive outcomes.

“In addition, our donors and funders have the assurance that we represent professional expertise, sound financial practices and efficient operations.”

For more information, visit unitycare.org.

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