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Los Gatos Living Magazine | July 2018
By: Chelsea Palacio

Since 1993, Unity Care has been supporting the lives of foster youth through their Five Pillars of Success: Housing, Education, Employment, Well-Being, and Unconditional Care. As a COA accredited non-profit agency based in San Jose, their mission is to provide quality youth and family programs for the purpose of creating healthier communities through lifelong partnerships. At Unity Care, they offer a wide range of services benefiting foster and underserved youth and families throughout Northern California. Their focus: meeting each youth’s individualized needs that will empower and provide them with the security and support they need to flourish in society.

Foster youth are against an uphill battle, not always prepared for life after the foster care system. Once they reach the transitional age of 18–21, they no longer are protected by the state and are forced into society with little or no support. Some do not have loved ones to lean on or support to meet their educational needs. Forty percent (40%) of foster youth end up homeless. Unity Care’s focus on housing helps decrease this statistic by providing safe, stable homes and support to foster youth. In Northern California, Unity Care offers over 250 beds to foster youth and their families through residential treatment homes, dorm-style living, and shared housing. One of their transitional aged homes for girls is located right here in Los Gatos. Their housing programs also include supportive services individualized to help their youth find a path to self-sufficiency including but not limited to mental health services, family finding services, and family therapy. All Unity Care youth receive support from their services and staff to make sure each youth is properly prepared for adulthood and self-sufficiency.

Every year, Unity Care hosts their YouthLive! Gala benefiting Unity Care programs improving the lives of foster youth. The gala includes youth talent performances and speakers, a live auction, and youth art pieces that are also available for auction. This black-tie optional event brings people from all over the Bay Area to enjoy a night of fun while giving back to support foster youth.

This year, the 7th annual YouthLive! Gala will be hosted on August 25, 2018  at Club Auto Sport in San Jose. Unity Care is excited to present the keynote speaker—author, educator, and entrepreneur Stedman Graham—and to showcase the wonderful youth talents and art this year. Tickets are available and tables are selling fast! Go to www.unitycare.org/youthlive for more information.

To learn more about Unity Care or to help support their cause, go to www.unitycare.org or follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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