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Humberto profile

A New Start

Humberto realizes the life changes he needed to make and began taking advantage of the services that helped him focus on his transition into early adulthood.
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Megan Rekindles Relationships

Unity Care’s THP-Plus housing program helped Megan recover from alcoholism and a trauma-filled adolescence.
Cullins family

A Place to Call Home

“From that moment, our lives changed forever.” Initially reluctant to take in a depressed and troubled preteen, the family adored Savannah from the start. Within three days, Savannah was calling Jillian mom and begging to stay.
Joelle Williams

Beating the Odds

Jo was placed into foster care with her mother unable to care for her due to bipolar disorder. She shares her story about her relationship with her mother, how Jo was diagnosed with the same disorder, and how she is overcoming this obstacle to become a successful independent adult.
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Finding Adult Connections and Support

Bounced around as a child, Adrianna lacked stable adult relationships before coming to Unity Care.
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Building Independence

Left to find her own path, Denisse looked for guidance to create a path to self-sufficiency.
Alex profile

Finding the Right Path

When he came to Unity Care, Alex was homeless at just 15 years old. His father was in and out of jail, his mother was living on the streets, while Alex and his brother lived with his aunt.

Developing Vital Life Skills for Success

Charity went from a state of desperation to become a graduate of Unity Care and a Certified Nursing Assistant.
Alexis profile

Empowered By Employment Training

Alexis was a struggling young mother who found employment, job training, and housing through the Nia Project, Unity Care’s Differential Response program.
Teen young man

Daniel Finds His Voice

Unity Care’s Hip Hop 360 education program transformed Daniel from a timid young boy to a role model for other underserved youth.
Nathan Gomez

FLY Towards your Dreams!!!

Nathan Estrada Gomez joined Unity Care in 2019 with the help of his social worker. He requested additional resources and wanted to learn more about employment, education, and housing. We are so proud of how far you’ve come and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

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