For more than 27 years Unity Care has fought for equality and justice for youth and families in the foster care and juvenile justice systems throughout Northern California. We stand for ending racism and reducing the overrepresentation of children of color in our formal systems and institutions.

In mid-July, we launched a new initiative, COVID-19 BLACK, to raise awareness about COVID -19 and reduce its spread within the African American community. Learn about COVID-19 BLACK and Unity Care’s commitment to fighting systemic racism.

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The Unity Care Mission

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Unity Care’s mission is to provide quality youth and family programs for the purpose of creating healthier communities through lifelong partnerships. Our goals are to provide safe, secure, and positive living environments; educate and support underserved youth; and prepare young people to pursue professions in which minorities are chronically underrepresented.

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Programs and Services

Supporting foster youth and young adults toward self-sufficiency.


We provide safe, secure, and affordable transitional housing

Unconditional Care

Connections for emotional safety, consistency, and permanency.

Well Being

Emotional support fosters security and confidence, that enables full potential.


Change a life, there are countless ways to get involved at Unity Care.


We applaud your caring commitment to Unity Care. generosity changes lives!


youth and families’ lives were improved by Unity Care in 2018-2019.

0 %

of our youth have obtained safe, stable, and secure housing.

0 %

of age-eligible youth are working, in school, or seeking employment.

0 %

are benefiting from our services focused on their mental well-being.

0 %

have developed positive permanent adult connections.