Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Refreshed and Sharpened Mission, Vision, and Values


We transform the lives of young people in and emerging from foster care by providing stable housing, caring connections, and life skills that build a foundation to achieve their potential.


Unity Care is the nurturing home that embraces, heals, and transitions foster youth toward adult lives of independence, wellbeing, and purpose. We are leading the way to eradicate homelessness and inspire hope for their brighter future.

Core Values

Founded in 1993 on faith and cultural proficiency in communities of color, with special emphasis on African ancestry, Unity Care brings deep expertise, an intentionally diverse team, and five core values to our work:

SERVICE Our highest calling is to serve. We aspire to be servant leaders who see and meet the needs of others, build community, and help those around us reach their fullest potential.
LEARNING In pursuit of continuous growth, we commit to lifelong learning through study, reflection, and action.
INTEGRITY We earn trust by being honest and doing what we say we will do.
DIVERSITY We celebrate and embrace differences of all kinds, including race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, and thought, which make us stronger, more competent, and responsive to the world.
EQUITY We believe in each person’s inherent value. To enable everyone to thrive, we practice and advocate for fairness and justice.