If you guessed Kayla, you are right.

Kayla* is an incredible young woman, and if you met her, she would remind you of your niece, your daughter, your grandchild. Kayla has come a very long way since November 2022 when she moved into Unity Care housing. Her path included living in an environment of addiction, experiencing the suicide of a parent, and ultimately finding herself out on the streets when she turned 18.

One in four foster youth ends up homeless

Kayla’s story is – sadly – very common, as thousands of youth age out of foster care In the California and the Bay Area each year, and face homelessness, addiction, food insecurity, and a high risk of entering the justice system.

More than one in four foster youth have experienced at least one night of homelessness**.

Kayla found shelter with Unity Care

It wasn’t until November 2022, when Kayla moved into Unity Care housing, that she experienced an environment of support and care. Today, she lives independently, has an internship with a non-profit that serves women in recovery, and looks like any other thriving young adult.

From crisis to care

Unity Care provides transitional youth with stable living along with the keys to lifelong success, through educational counseling, career coaching, financial workshops, and mental health support.

Help us give more young people like Kayla a path from crisis to care.

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Cash contributions

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IRA-qualified charitable donations

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Foster Hope this Holiday Season

Together, let’s provide a brighter future for foster youth who deserve to become thriving adults in our community.

Unity Care is making a difference … thanks to you!


On any given night, that’s how many young people who have experienced foster care will have a warm bed in stable housing thanks to the Unity Care programs that you support.


Of the youth who graduate from Unity Care programs are working or on track towards securing employment; 83% are on track towards their educational goals; 85% report that they are experiencing emotional, physical and spiritual well-being; and a remarkable 97% have made meaningful connections with at least one adult committed to their success.


Of our housing placements have been filled by referral – meaning that youth who have thrived in our programs are referring their friends to Unity Care.

2018 Summer Olympics

By the middle of next year, we expect to have increased our capacity to nearly 250 young people placed in safe shelters and are on track to get to – and quite possibly exceed – our goal of housing 300 youth by 2026!

** The identity of the young person has been anonymized to protect their privacy.