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Unity Care Board Retreat 2019

Tomorrow, as we celebrate 26 years to the day we accepted our very first foster youth, I am delighted to share good news! I know that as a friend to Unity Care, you will be pleased to hear about these exciting new developments in our work.

Recently, we took an enormous step toward positioning for even greater service to youth! Drawing upon the leadership of our board, and the expertise of some new strategic partners, we launched a comprehensive strategic planning process. Through it, we will carve an intentional path forward, fortifying our ability to provide foster and Transitional Age Youth with the potential for a bright future.

As a supporter of Unity Care, you are keenly aware of the tremendous responsibility associated with our work. With so much at stake, we must continuously seek ways to maximize our effectiveness. This planning process will go a long way toward ensuring that we realize our most aspirational goals as we work to fulfill our promise to the young people we serve.

Our recent planning session marked a significant milestone of our work with PropelNext — an initiative of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF). Unity Care is honored to have been selected to join PropelNext’s 2021 grantee cohort, which means we will have access to the resources and expertise we need to build data-driven practices that amplify our impact on the lives of youth.  PropelNext’s three-year initiative is a key component of our plans for expanding our housing services for Transitional Age Youth.

The support we receive through the PropelNext initiative is made possible by co-investors: the Sobrato Family Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation. We are grateful that our youth will benefit from the generosity of those who support this initiative. Our involvement with PropelNext comes at a perfect time in our 26-year journey of serving our community and advocating for foster youth. 

In addition, Unity Care has forged a strategic partnership with Seneca Family of Agencies. This will allow us to combine and leverage both agencies’ expertise and resources for the ultimate benefit of foster and Transitional Age Youth and their families. This move fortifies Unity Care’s ability to provide the safe, stable homes and comprehensive services foster youth need to thrive.

Thank you for your commitment as we work to provide homes and hope to the foster and Transitional Age Youth we serve. Your trust and support has been integral to our success.

Together we are making a real difference! I invite you to learn more about our work with Seneca and PropelNext. Be on the lookout for more updates and ways to stay plugged in. Thank you for your trust and support.

André Chapman, M.A.

Founder and CEO, Unity Care

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