Imani Village Celebrates Black History Month, Recognizes Student Success

San Jose, Calif. – Unity Care, a youth and family development agency providing services and support to San Francisco Bay Area underserved youth, will recognize the academic success of Imani Village-School Linked Services students at its second annual Black History Month celebration at Clyde Fischer Middle School on Friday, January 29, 2016. The school is located at 1720 Hopkins Drive, San Jose, Calif. Parking is located at the library adjacent to the school.

“Our Black History Month celebration is the perfect setting for recognizing our students’ academic excellence,” says Unity Care Director of Education Wil Cason. “Why? Because our program model of embracing our students’ cultural heritage has a direct correlation to their success. They feel accepted, valued and safe in this community, which encourages them to focus on learning. Our confirmation comes from the seven students who made the Honor Roll, three of whom made it for the very first time!”

“We are pleased to showcase how our Imani Village/School Linked Services partnership is having a positive impact on our community’s youth and to celebrate their success,” says Unity Care Founder

and CEO, André  Chapman. “We anticipate making this special Black History Month celebration a long-standing tradition and an integral part of our program for years to come.”

About Imani Village

Imani Village is a program of Unity Care. It is an extension of the UCLA model of learning combined with intensive, culturally competent, family and child supports. The program focuses on mitigating and reducing risk factors caused by in-home stressors, poverty and systemic biases. Imani Village enables youth and families to access the services that fit their specific needs, a three-tiered framework integrating academic, behavioral and well-being services.

The Santa Clara County Department of Mental Health awarded Unity Care a School Linked Services contract in February 2014 to develop and implement a comprehensive education and mental health services program for underserved students of color and their families. The goal is to improve overall academic success and well-being by reducing risk factors that lead to poor academic outcomes. Imani means “faith” in Swahili, i.e. “We will never lose faith in our children’s abilities.” Detailed information is available at

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