Housing: Priority #1

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Every day, foster youth and families struggle to find a sense of stability; in their work, in their educational pursuits, and in their personal lives. All too often, they are forced to divert their focus from the “normal” challenges of life, to deal with the added burden of housing insecurity.

40-50% of youth who age out of foster care end up homeless

National studies indicate nearly half of all youth become homeless within 2 years of exiting foster care. While the recorded numbers may fluctuate state to state, it is consistently agreed that homelessness amongst foster youth is an underreported epidemic. So, why is it so hard for former foster youth to find a safe, stable home? Several answers exist…

  1. The Housing Crisis:Few housing options are available creating a highly competitive and high-priced market
  2. Lack of Support:Former foster youth often lack the safety net of financial or emotional support that traditional families provide
  3. Educational Deficits:Due to frequent relocations, many foster youth struggle in school, creating fewer options for career growth
  4. A long History of Trauma:Many foster youth have a history of recurring or prolonged trauma, neglect, and instability

What can be done?

Without a home, it is exceedingly difficult to focus on other life tasks. Just listen to one of our youth; “Think about your home. That’s your warm place. That’s your safe place. Imagine not knowing where you’re going to stay. It really messes with your head. You can lose hope.” – Youth in Unity Care Transitional HousingThis is why Unity Care emphasizes housing as our First Pillar of Success.Later this year, we will launch a major gifts campaign to eradicate homelessness for youth exiting foster care.

We need your help! By joining our campaign, you can ensure that every one of our youth exiting foster care will have a safe, and stable, place to call “home.” For more information on how you make an impact, please contact us at unitycare.org or 408.971.9822

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