Santa’s Helpers House Decorating 2019



Congratulations to the 2019 Holiday House Decorating winners.

Our transitional homes for foster youth went head-to-head in our annual holiday house decorating contest with help from corporate and community volunteers.

View photos of all decorated houses.

Thank you to all of our community supporters who donated holiday decorations, gifts and their valuable time to make sure Unity Care youth and young adults had a happy and festive holiday season: Terri Dias and Friends (House 7), First Community Housing (House 16), Barron Builders & NAWIC (House 8), First Community Housing (House 16), Earnestine Nelson & Friends (House 17), Earnestine Nelson & Friends (House 18), Salesforce (House 19 – Unit 1), Salesforce (House 19 – Unit 2), Salesforce (House 19 – Unit 3), Mosburg Heating & Air (House 20).

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