Santa’s Helpers House Decorating Contest 2018

Congratulations to our 3 winners and to all the houses for their creativity and holiday spirit!!

First Place
House 4 with support from First Community Housing

Second Place
House 8 with support from Junior League of San Jose

Third Place
House 1 with support from eBay

Thank you to all of our community supporters who donated holiday decorations and their time to make sure Unity Care youth had a happy and festive holidays: eBay (House 1), First Community Housing (House 4), Barron Builders (House 7), Junior League of San Jose (House 8), Church on the Hill (House 13), Netflix (House 15), Jennifer Fung & Friends (House 16), NAWCI + Burke, Williams & Sorenson + Walters & Wolf (House 17), Julie Chovanec & Friends (House 18), Salesforce (House 19).

View all photos on our Facebook or SmugMug sites!

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