Foster Youth Urgently Need Help During the COVID-19 Shutdown

Photo of teens during COVID-19 shelter in place

We know this is a difficult time for everyone with the outbreak of COVID-19. We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well, as Unity Care comes to you with this important request.

More than 90% of Unity Care’s current and former foster youth and emerging adults received safe, stable housing last year — but now, as the community fights to limit the casualties of the novel coronavirus, these youth urgently need help to stay housed. That’s why they are making a special plea for your help. 

Most of their young adults work in hourly jobs such as retail stores and restaurants that have been required to close or significantly scale back their operations in response to the shelter-in-place and social distancing orders. With minimum-wage jobs and no family support, these young people are particularly vulnerable. Together with their supporters, they are their main safety net. Please make a special emergency gift to Unity Care to help foster youth pay their rent and other critical bills during the coronavirus crisis.


We do not know how long our communities will be impacted by the coronavirus, but they do know that their youth are already feeling the effects of reduced or eliminated work. They need our help today.  They must raise $500 per month for each of their 100 transitional age youth, for each month of the shutdown. They are turning to their supporters for help.

Your gift to Unity Care’s emergency fund will help foster youth survive the coronavirus shutdown. A gift of $1,000 will help two foster youth pay for necessities for one month. A gift of $500 will help fill the gap for one foster youth for one month. Any amount you can share will be put to immediate use to help a young person in our community.

Please give current and former foster youth — who have already overcome incredibly tough odds and are working hard to build their lives — an extra hand during this crisis. Not only will your gift help their youth stay housed and fed, it will show that the community is with them during this trying time.

Thank you for caring about foster youth and helping them during this difficult time.

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