Learning to achieve

Unity Care’s educational services focus on increasing the academic success and well-being of our youth by reducing risk factors that lead to poor academic outcomes. Formal and informal education, as well as access to technical, trade, and vocational programs build skills and expand opportunities. We strive to ensure that all youth achieve their educational goals with the highest quality solutions available to them.

Hip Hop 360

Hip Hop 360 brings creative arts into our middle and high schools, and reinforces California’s education standards. Our curriculum has been developed by artists to allow youth to express themselves in positive ways, build self-confidence, and develop essential skills.

Imani Village School-Linked Services

Our Imani Village program seeks to improve the academic success and well-being of underserved students by reducing risk factors that lead to poor academic outcomes. The program consists of a three-tiered framework integrating academic, behavioral, and well-being services. Students and their families have access to the services that meet their needs. Tier 1 provides school-based academic services, tier 2 consists of school-based mental health services, and tier 3 offers community-based mental health services.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Unity Care provides free parent education workshops on substance abuse within the East Side Union High School District, Fremont Union High School District, and Sunnyvale School District. Workshop topics include Adolescent Brain Development, Substance Abuse, Popular Drugs Used by Teens, and Effective Parenting Practices.
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