Summer of Learning

Make summer fun, educational, and explorative

Think back to all the fond memories you had as a child during the summer playing and learning about the outdoors, going on fun adventures, and spending time with family and friends. Unity Care creates opportunities for youth and families to participate in these rewarding and meaningful educational and outdoor summertime traditions, that the youth otherwise would not be exposed to. An exciting camping trip or exploring a college campus can transform vulnerable relationships, establish positive behaviors, and create memorable experiences to last a lifetime.
Mother and kids playing


  • Summer Employment Opportunities
  • Educational Camps
  • Creative Arts
  • College Tours/Workshops
  • Community Service Projects
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Summer Olympics
  • Whitewater Rafting, BBQs, and more!


Donate towards an educational day camp, outdoor activity, family outing, etc.

Girls working on art
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