Strategic Plan

Building for the Future

Unity Care has completed its five-year Strategic Plan for 2021-26. Powered by Stanford Business School’s ACT Program, our executive leadership and board of directors worked through six months of extended sessions to define our roadmap for growth and excellence.

Along with a refinement of our mission, vision and values, the Strategic Plan calls for specific action on five key initiatives:

Hone and optimize our approach to housing, mental health, caring connections and life skills.

We deploy scalable and sustainable models based on analysis, and build on our PropelNext experience for learning, evaluation and ongoing improvement.

Define and maintain a disciplined program portfolio strategy.

We continually analyze and refine our portfolio of services for both mission fit and financial sustainability -- pursuing partnerships to strengthen core programs and augment and extend capabilities.

Acquire, engage and retain great talent.

We are focused on strong employee development and retention programs, expansion of the executive team, thoughtful advancement and succession plans across the organization, and selectively expanded board expertise.

Continuously improve delivery and consistency across all regions.

We are standardizing and strengthening internal processes, improving uniformity of onboarding and training, and refining our technology stack to ensure operational and programmatic excellence.

Invest in building relationships and revenue.

We are deepening our partnerships with the public sector, philanthropies and donors, and more effectively sharing our outcomes data and the positive impact Unity Care has on the lives of foster and transition age youth. Implementation of the plan in all of its facets is an ongoing, enterprise-wide priority for defined Implementation Teams, with progress against milestones monitored through continuous operational and board-level progress reviews.

Unity Care's Next Five Years

This video gives you the full picture for Unity Care’s overall direction and strategy, as we transform the lives of Transition-Age Youth who are emerging from the foster system.

CEO André Chapman is joined by board president Carl Agers and board director Mark Lange, to highlight Unity Care’s 28 years of effective support for these youth, explain our new strategic plan, and consider its larger implications for the youth we serve. Our Strategic Plan was facilitated by Stanford Business School alumni working pro bono with our board of directors and executive leadership team.

We consulted and gained guidance from a wide spectrum of players in TAY youth services — from public sector leaders in Bay Area cities and counties, to peer organizations, to foundations, donors and funders.

For more information, download the executive summary of our new strategic plan

We are deeply grateful for the guidance we received on the development of this Strategic Plan, thanks to in-depth interviews with city and county agencies, peer organizations, foundations, donors, community leaders, and our profoundly committed professional staff.